The theme of the 33rd Annual International Pittsburgh Coal Conference (PCC), held in Cape Town, South Africa, is "Coal - Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development.” The Conference technical program covers a wide spectrum of challenging topics on coal technology and environmental issues presented in 3 plenary sessions and over 200 papers. These presentations provide in-depth discussions in various areas, including Combustion; Gasification; Coal Science; Coal Mining; Clean Coal and Gas to Fuels; Shale and Coal Bed Gas; Clean Coal Demonstration and Commercial Projects; Carbon Management; and Sustainability and Environment. The Conference was organized by the International Pittsburgh Coal Conference, University of Pittsburgh, USA.

The Plenary Sessions feature keynote addresses by invited national and international experts in coal industry and environmental issues. The 2016 Plenary Speakers are: Grace M. Bochenek, Director, National Energy Technology Laboratory, Department of Energy, USA; Wang Hongqiao, Vice President, China National Coal Association, China; Robert Jeffrey, Managing Director and Senior Economist, Econometrix, South Africa and Rosemary Falcon, Professor, School of Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering, University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa; Aleksander Sobolewski, Institute For Chemical Processing of Coal, Poland; Xiangzeng Wang, Senior Vice President, Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum Group Company, China; Paul de Mattos, Managing Director, Clarke Energy, South Africa; Satya P. Chauhan, Senior Program Director, Battelle Columbus Operations, USA; and Johan Brand, Managing Director, Africary, South Africa. The moderators of these outstanding Plenary Sessions were: Johan van Dyk (Africary, South Africa), Tom Sarkus (DOE/NETL, USA) and John Duddy (Axens North America Inc., USA), and

This interactive proceedings serves as a permanent record of the Conference Proceedings and offers the reader a convenient means to retrieve technical papers and other information related to the conference. It is hoped that the technical and environmental issues presented at this Conference will serve to stimulate future dialogues for clean and environmentally friendly use of coal by the international communities to achieve the ultimate goal of improving the quality of life for all mankind.

On behalf of the Conference Advisory Board, Conference Committees and the University of Pittsburgh, I would like to personally thank the co-chairs of the technical program, Mr. Gary Stiegel (Consultant, USA), Dr. Evan Granite (DOE/NETL, USA), and Prof. Jim Hower (CAER, University of Kentucky, USA). I wish to express my sincere appreciations to the sponsoring agencies of this year’s Conference and CONSOL Energy Inc. for supporting the Pitt Award over the years. My gratitude goes to Professor Shiao-Hung Chiang for his invaluable mentorship of the entire Conference; and my personal gratitude goes to the Advisory Board Chair, Richard Winschel (CONSOL Energy Inc.), for providing the leadership and setting the organizational policies for our Conference.

My personal appreciations go to all session chairs, conference participants, keynote speakers, authors/presenters, and all members of the Advisory Board. The administrative support by the Swanson School of Engineering, University of Pittsburgh is gratefully acknowledged. Special thanks go to Mrs. Adrian Starke and Mr. Rob Toplak for their help throughout the years. I wish to express my sincere appreciation to Mr. Omar Basha for his invaluable effort preparing this proceeding. Last, but not least, I would like to personally thank Mrs. Heidi M. Peck for her professionalism and effectiveness in managing the overall operation of the Conference.


Badie I. Morsi
Editor and Executive Officer
University of Pittsburgh
October, 2016